One of the healthiest and natural organic honeys recognized by worldwide medical community, Thai Richy Honey derived from the bees inhabit in one of the wildest highland in Northern East of Thailand, protected by the government of Thailand. It has all the goodness nature imbued it with to ensure the best quality and its medicinal benefits. For the consumption of great health, it has no artificial additives and antibiotics, no pesticides and chemicals are used and non-processed.


Wild Flower Honey

Derived from 100% nectar of Chromolaena Odorata herb including more than 30 species of wild and medicinal herbs in the East of Thailand. Wild Flower Honey is naturally scented, no artificial sweetener, pesticides and chemicals are added. It is harvested in 3 days and heated in a low temperature to naturally dissolve the moist and ensure beneficial enzymes on the human physiology that comes with it.

  • Energy booster aid in digestion and a stomach tonic
  • Relieve constipation recognized worldwide for its medicinal benefits


Longan Flower Honey

Longan, or Dimocarpus Longan flower is harvested right from the bees feed in the Longan flower field enriched with wild and medicinal herbs where the honey nectar flourish in active enzymes and nutrients. It is wildly used for the Western medicinal healing for the great health benefits. Longan Flower Honey is harvested after period of 3 weeks without any heated processing which allows to naturally evaporate the moist by the bees in the hives to ensure its long term preservation, plentiful of active enzymes and natural essence.


  • Support heart and kidney function
  • Improve memory and antimicrobial
  • Improve digestion and restore energy

Cashew and Almond mixed nuts naturally flavored with Garlic, Italian Herbs and Honey are the go to choice for healthy lifestyle. Imported from Malaysia, Pagoda is rich in essential fats, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin K and other healthy nutrients.


Honey Almond

  • Honey coated and loaded with antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin E
  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Excellent source of healthy blood circulation

Smoked Almond

  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin E
  • Reduces cholesterol level

Garlic Cashew

  • Toasted in garlic, prevents coronary heart diseases
  • Strengthens bone, muscle and tissues
  • Boosts immune system

Italian Herbs Mixed Nuts

  • A mix of almond and cashew, sprinkled and toasted with delightful Italian herbs
  • Prevent heart diseases
  • Strengthens bone, muscle and tissues
  • Boosts immune system,

Fruit flavored beverage enriched with superfoods, Chia and Basil seeds, grown in Thailand. Delicious and uniquely enjoyable to drink, Uno’s health benefits include detoxing and cleansing the digestive system, while supplying essential minerals and nutrition from the supersedes. No artificial sweetener. Enriched with Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron.


Basil Seed

  • Cleans body toxins
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports digestive system
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Strengthens bone

Chia Seed 

  • Loaded with antioxidant
  • Rich in fiber and protein
  • Contains essential bone nutrients
  • Cleanses digestive system, specially the intestines

Widely known in South East Asia for its good taste and no additives, Tipco is 100% fruits & veggies juice imported from Thailand. No preservatives, no artificial sweetener, no added sugar and coloring. Awarded for World Branding Awards 2016 and holds numerous other awards and international certifications such as ISO, GMP and HACCP, Tipco is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.


Veggies and Mixed Fruit Juices

  • Enriched with vitamin A, B1 and B2, C
  • Essential minerals include Calcium, Magnesium, Iron
  • Vital for boosting your energy and immune system
  • Rich in antioxidants

Fruits Juices

  • Full of antioxidants
  • Detoxes the digestive system
  • Enriched with vitamins A, B1,C, E and minerals

Profiber 5X 

  • Fiber enriched mixed fruits and veggies juice
  • Supports digestive health, specially colon health
  • Detoxes waste from digestive system
  • Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Boosts metabolism

A collection of the best quality, premium nuts and dried fruits from USA, Canada, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and Vietnam.  Each bag is designed to supply the daily nutrition needed from nuts and dried fruits for adults and contains vitamins and minerals which strengthen bone density, immune system, brain function and lower cholesterol.


Mixed Nuts with Cranberry 

  • Anti-aging
  • Improves oral hygiene
  • Rich in Vitamin C

Mixed Nuts with Raisin 

  •  Cleans toxic metal in the digestive tract
  •  Rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin B,
  •  Strengthens bone density
  •  Reduces blood pressure