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    We mport various food products from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Turkey, Thailand and Vietnam. 10 chain stores are opened in the districts of the city center of Ulaanbaatar. We sell all kinds of products of the Kubanochka brand of the Grand Star company, which produces various food products made from vegetables grown in the fertile soil of the Black Sea and Krasnador region of Russia, to Mongolian consumers. And we:

  • "Kubanochka" pickled vegetables, fruits, sugar, yogurt

  • "Togrus" various fruit jams and mayonnaise

  • "Agromaster" rice, grains, noodles

  • "Kislovodsk" brand noodles from the "BAISAD" factory in Kislovodsk, Russia

  • "Astoria" noodles from the Russian company "NMJK" with a history of more than 100 years

  • Various seasonings from "Gurmina" company of Belarus

  • "Mysnoy Soyuz" various baked meat and meat products

  • Various canned fish products of "Eco Food" brand of Armenia

  • We import and sell high-quality canned fish and fish products from the Baltic Sea under the brand "KAIJA" of the 140-year-old company "SIA KARAVELA" of Latvia.